Video Submission Guidelines

Video Submission Guidelines

Submitting Video With Your Article: What You Need to Know

Video is an increasingly powerful medium for generating reader engagement. To capitalize on this potential, we are encouraging authors to submit video with their articles. Your video will be included in the app version of the article in one of two formats:

Video Formats

  1. Topic Introduction: A 30 second – 1 minute video that gives an overview of the article, the larger topic being discussed, or otherwise gives insight into its importance / relevance to the practitioner and/or profession. (Note: DO NOT introduce yourself in the video; the byline accompanying your article will accomplish that.)
  2. Demonstration: A 45 second – 2 minute video demonstrating a technique, exercise or treatment protocol (nonpromotional) discussed in your article.

How to Create a Video

  • Presentation: Position / focus the video camera such that it records you at approximately waist level; no more, no less. We will crop it as necessary.
  • Delivery: Speak clearly, adequate volume (not shouting, but strong voice), and make good eye contact with the camera. If possible, memorize what you're saying or be able to speak off the cuff in a professional manner. (Note: Record for at least 5 seconds – looking into the camera – before and after you speak.)
  • Filming: Video should be shot against a white or single-color background if possible (you should have a white / unicolor wall somewhere in your office). If the camera is not stationary (tripod; recommended), the camera operator must maintain a still position. Most newer cameras have image stabilization, which should minimize issues. (Note: Record a few tests to ensure adequate lighting.)
  • General Video Specs: Make sure to record in high-definition video (1920 x 1080); if you have an HD camera and it's set to shoot video at 1080p, you'll be fine.

How to Send It to Us

  • Saving Your Video: To extract the video, connect the camera to your computer and, using your camera's software (which you should have installed on the computer), save the file as an .MP4, .MPEG, .AVI or .MOV file (your software may have any or all of these options, depending on whether you have a Mac or PC, etc.).
  • Sending It to Us: You can then upload the video file to our Hightail account (formerly YouSendIt). Complete free registration and then e-mail the video to this e-mail address so we can access / download the video.

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